Nippy :)

16 this morning — but winds at 9-ish, not 29-ish so on the bike 🙂

The generator light’s working… so I’m on the tank, which takes longer.  Still beat the “mass departure” and saw the 9B early and late, so I could wave at the folks I rode with yesterday.

Fellow on bike with plastic crate with laundry tub in it was coming out of the street w/ Virginia Theatre (or whichever one has Robert Ebert’s statue).   I don’t know the timing of arrivals, but there was a car to his left.   Once I was past they went and … the guy on the bicycle … pulled forward and made a left turn in front of the car.   The driver said something about thinking he was going the other way (the driver was just going straight ) and .. .guy on bike called him an a-hole and threatened to punch him in the face, and rode on.

So many better options starting with not making a left turn from right side of the lane… 3 seconds’ of pause and the car would have been through (and since it’s a one-way road, the ‘leftness’ doesn’t complicate things).

I almost felt guilty about possibly raising expectations of people on bicycles by not doing stuff like that…

Construction happening with old buildings coming down but it’s not as much stuff on the roads.

Riding by “Rafters” on Bradley and imagining it as a community hangout like the Independent Media Center is in Urbana…

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