Bits and pieces

There’s a thread on bikejournal for riding a “bit” in a day — that would be half of two bits, or between 12.5 adn 25 miles.

Yesterday I failed at getting there — but succeeded YES YES YES in getting the Blaze light on the Transport. I’d swung by Champaign Cycle Friday  with the Xtracycle (because it’s an easier ride) and the wires were trimmed, cleaned, and … the light worked fine on the handy Townie bike (I’d have gotten that, not the Transport, except they come in two whole, wrong sizes).   The townie light didn’t work on … my hub.

Now, I’d failed at getting the thing to work on the Transport, but I didn’t have a nice wire stripper (or the motor memory or the nice table) to make sure things were clean.   So… I successfully went at it — cleaned the surfaces, whacked it on w/ hammer… and even *found the mounting stuff*  sorting through boxes and drawers. (Invisible victory – desk drawer cleaned to the bottom and swabbed out.)

That said, the mounting is a Sue Jones job because I  didn’t try to put it on my overcrowded handlebar — but I did find the discipline to secure all that wiring instead of tossing it into said basket.   Zip ties and inner tubes, yea!

This m orning’s commute — 49 degrees and 20 mph tailwind.   Saw three taxis – the first did the same “pass on the right then turn left” move that SVA BBY2 did a few Januaries ago… but safely and without rolling down the window to verbally harrass me.

My speculator was activated by a sporty sedan with license plate “161   161”  … and what looked like Superman logo on the back…. what’s the story 🙂

The stuff that pre-break was tearing bricks apart is now at hauling mud around.   Happily it was a bus behind me when there was a truck just stopped in the right lane and gobs of mud in the road, I could take the left lane and navigate safely.


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