Bicycles Bicycles :)

I have been using the car thing here and there… but Christmas Day I actually just Went Out For A Ride on th e9 mile loop.

The 26th I rode to First Financial Bank.   Almost regretting closing that account because it’s really easy to access their bike parking, and … it was a really good experience, that restored my faith that some people *can* manage.   It was this person’s first time closing a CD.   She reached for and got a binder and found the directions pretty instantly.   She followed the directions.   Yes, there was a time when the screen didn’t match the directions.   Picked up phone:   “this is __ from Philo Road.  Can I talk to __ or __?”   and in less than 2 minutes things were fixed.    Another thing that wasn’t working… another call.   Finally, time to write the cashier’s check.   “Oops, above my limit.”   One more phone call — okay, two, because the first everybody was either at lunch or on vacation.  Yes, solvable from the distance.

Yes, it took a bit longer, but no “oops, this person is gone, come back tomorrow.”

So I took the little thing across the street to the bank with double the interest and locked it into a CD there.   Here, the screen decided to ask my banker for … a password, which it didn’t usually do.   Again, though, a phone call or two solved it.   Banker knew me from Parkland 😉

Finally went to credit union to open an account.   I had totally forgotten about that kind of “prove yourself” process.

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