Those car things

… dropped the car thing at AJ’s service.   Yes, they called and said “air filters are dirty,” and I’ve heard that this is a common ‘let’s get more money from you’ ploy… except that, in fact, I have no idea when air filters were last even looked at and … yea, it’s been since 1/17 since the oil was changed (still < 5000 miles).

Also making the arrangements for getting the thing back to its rightful owners (brother’s family who got it through estate) …  questioning the decision and then walking to the bus stop from AJ’s and that just.  being.  easy and natural.   Yes, I was 20 minutes late to work (I’d let them know)… my lifestyle lets me do that (and if I’d gotten there really at opening and out… I’d have been on time).     I pretty much never have to be anywhere in a real hurry.

Tomorrow I’ll bus it to Lincoln Square and walk back over… get the thing… pay the 90 bucks for the job … and talk to them about oh, what to get done to it so Nephew T. gets a prime car.   (Reminds me of when I was selling my Mazda to eldest brother to be a cab…  no, I said to the tire people, it’s not going to be driven *like* a cab, it’s going to *be* a cab… get me the good ones.)

Then drive it loooong Wednesday…


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