Soggy Bloggy

Lots of little things I won’t remember all of.

Today I drove — not just because it’s raining but to remind me to call Mr. B’s to set up repairs… and because I was *wishing* that … the stupid stickers which are over due which I bought yesterday were here at work.  Matter can’t be created or destroyed so they have to be somewhere.   I need to work on the self-hypnosis.  (I did successfully relax everything, go back in time once to locate my wallet…)

Wore my Groucho helmet home yesterday and WHITE STREET IS BRIGHT STREET.   It’s had a ton of construction that was just finished and … it’s Big City Bright.   None of this “I can see my Garmin right under the street lights.”  It’s just. all. bright.

It’s the end of the day now (nonstop, requiring superpowers often).   But I do remember — the traffic light on Fourth is either sensing bicycles or it’s on an automatic timer.   It’s not a “dead red.”   Crossing Wright is … a little weird because it’s so wide but I got a wave from bus driver (well, probably for the trash can lid on my helmet more than my strategic lane position ;)).

I was also asked by trick or treat parent  dressed as prisoner  if I was selling something.  I said no, I was just being Oscar the Grouch… I don’t know, maybe it was the loaded cargo bike?


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