Okay, it was 42 so not that cold at all, but that was the tag on a car passing me that cracked me up.  (Now, MNA MNA 7 is still my *favorite.*)

I rode ’round the construction zone ’cause they were out and about and hit the long lights right, though for the first time in a week or two I actually had to stop on Mattis …

Last night saw several riders w/ no lights, and that’s been less common.  The one was   making left turns in front of traffic… I had to resort to flashlight in left hand — but I also discovered Saturday that … I have next to no front brakes from my mad attempt to install the generator light.   (The hydraulic rear brakes are ridiculously effective.)

But today, next day, 33 degrees… but I didn’t have to stop on Mattis 🙂   Yes, a student asked if it wasn’t too chilly to ride.

Prepped the red bike for putting the bags on the back back on, but I need something to keep them from dragging on the wheel.   The skateboard that plops on top of the rails is too thick.   License plate was almost wide enough but… would have sliced that bad boy. The bottom of a shopping bag (plastic rectangle) probably isn’t quite strong enough to keep from sagging (tho’ I’ll have a crate or something so load isn’t sticking down between the railings). I shall seek some about to be disposed of plastic housing of something…


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