Soggy :)

I was going to get on the bus but considered what I feel like the rest of the day if I haven’t ridden in, and since it’s Friday and I’m a *little* short on sleep… I slogged in.   Pretty much drowned rat status, though the rain wasn’t hard hard… but it did mean that Aramark driver (7:54 a.m. on Church between Mattis and Prospect, for the record) felt like it could just hold the right lane and make me stop behind a parked car, because the wet mirror meant I didn’t time my lane-taking right.   (Also, since I was riding late, there was about 3 times as much traffic.)

Yesterday had a little event too — SSL 363 blue truck came out of Parkland Point doing a rolling right turn on red … me being the oncoming traffic turning left… I did a strident “Please don’t run over me,” but no, I couldn’t cut to the sidewalk so I was on Bradley… he whipped ’round and … yes, went into the college.   I did a little extra cruising on the way in but didn’t see where he parked.

However, another event that’s not my story to tell has me completely disinclined to interact at all with our public safety folks.  Oh, and … murders.

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