glub glub!

Monday!   Enough thunder to decide to take bus until… I put the car in the garage and that made me want to ride.  (Thought about driving b/c it might clean the car but I drove it yesterday.)  Checked the radar… thunder over.   Serious tailwind so on-time arrival w/ drowned rat award… but the goretex did a pretty good job.   (The LL Bean “rain pants” okay — but not really waterproof. )

So I’m plowing through campus and a professor-aged fellow crosses my path and I get a sincere and spontaneous “Niice!”   I interpreted it as “Badass!” 🙂

Saturday was like that, too.   I put off riding ’cause I was actually being productive, and then it was sleeting… but I did have a letter I had to mail.   It felt so good to be out riding… so I turned it into 7 miles.   I’m thinking I jus thave to sign up for Calvin’s Challenge.

Hoping the nasty orange blob has worked through by 6:00…

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