Car things

I had a meeting early this a.m. and I thought… okay, really, you should take the car thing. It’s been about two weeks… it started right up in the garage (door open)… because I haven’t been really on time for a week or three.

Except I was rolling the bicycle down the driveway at 7:0something because … motivation.   The early morning body has its own mind and wanted to ride.   I don’t even think I forgot anything.

The meeting also was relatively painless. I commuted slowly, in “thinking” mode as opposed to “Let’s get there and the endorphin buzz” mode… but still had time to work in an extra quarter mile or so 🙂

Yesterday had a couple of close-ish calls.   My “University to New to Clark” zigzag means a left from New St. to Clark and a car came and stopped on Clark… but started going forward while I was still in the intersection.   I’m *pretty* sure I had just flapped a quick signal — thinking I’ll do that earlier — and I projected with all kinds of enunciation:  “Hello!  You have a Stop Sign And I Don’t!”   (and then “Please LEarn to Drive…” a few seconds later…)   Happy to say it wasn’t an “escalating” tone — more authoritative 🙂

Now, yesterday I also had the down side of the Waiting Culture — the bus that stops where I egress from the Eden Parking Lot arrived and … waited for folks to get seated, so I had an extra 25-30 seconds and then there was some other Reason People Waited…

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