Few light flurries

…. Did the radio guy hear me when he said that?   What are flurries?

If they’re not “few” and they’re not “light,” are they flurries?  By the way, the “flurries” in question were … sticking.   He qualified later, saying “but may be heavier in some areas,” esp. since there were wrecks on the interstate overpass on I-57 because it was iced up.

I rode in on the awesomely rehabilitated Transport.   Hydraulic brakes in the rear, new pedals, everything lubricated… I *did* try to torque the wheels into skidding.  I didn’t try *hard* but I did accelerate to discern that no, I wasn’t going to even begin to skid.   I”m thinking the relative mass of my not so dainty bicycle to that of car things is why they’re sliding off the road and I’m not.

I also worked it a tiny bit (helped by significant headwinds).

Recently there was a sweet “culture of wait” moment at Race and Main.   Pedestrian waiting to cross our N-S-bound Race… even though his light’s still green but he knows… light changes and the S-bound car waits a few seconds in case I’m going to blast through… but no, I wait for it,   and … the sidewalk S-Bound cyclists just waits for everybody, pedestrians and cars and all. And we’re all heading where we’re going…

18 miles to go to match last year’s January 210  miles.   Both years were pretty thoroughly interrupted weather-wise.  Haven’t set up trainer yet.   I’ve seen an ad for CycleOps Direct Drive trainer … 1200$… a lot of thing sI could do with that much $$…

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