I hope the wind dies down before I leave…

Also **heavy frost** this a.m.   Radio said folks were sliding off I-74 left lane (so not left and right ;)) …  and somebody at work said they saw a car that had been propelled and flipped from one of the exit ramps.  I rode through it and didn’t try to accelerate hard, so was well within the coefficient of friction for safety.   (Okay, I didn’t think ’til now to try to spin out — I was mildly marveling at the gentle crispness of it beneath my tyres and pondering the assorted factors determining whether or not something would slide…)

Transport is done so I need to pick it up… prob’ly tomorrow.   So many buses go to the Round Barn stop now which is very close (its predecessor was close but across a very busy street).

Found trainer. No, it’s not set up 😉   Got two lunch laps in yesterday because of some snowflakes — the people kind, not weather.  It was good to pedal hard into the wind… but today’s about twice as windy outside and calm inside…

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