Thaw :) and light…

So!   THe Transport froze solid and brakes wouldn’t move after it got “rode hard and put up wet.”   Yesterday I missed the bus looking for keys (in my pocket), and figured I”d just hop on the red thing.   Tricky b/c at Krannert I stepped on the mirror and haven’t worked that out… and coming back I hit bumps on Country Fair and on Main Street and … the light came on, briefly

So, it’s not the hub.   Power’s coming forth from it — I need to discern where the connection’s not happening.

TOday it’s already 39  so I’m going to see if the Transport will get me out to Parkland where my stupid flash drive remains and then drop it off at the shop.   (Yes, it’s tons easier to drop it off and hop the bus than to try to get it  into the car thing:   2008 Avalon *not* made for hauling even regular sized bicycle.)   Might just then turn the red one over to their perusal if they are into circuits.

HIghs above freezing for next week or so… but could be crappy enough to merit bussing out to get said bicycle Monday…

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