I’m almost car-full

…. Probably some time in thenext two or three days I’ll have done the paperwork and handed over the money and a legally registered, insured car will be in my driveway.

It’s an experiment.   Will I do more if I have a car?   For instance, I just read about an event in Illinois that — with a car — I could say “sure, I’ll be there, no problem!”   My car-free experiment of these 9 years informs me that no, I don’t do the complicated planning to get there other ways.  I just don’t think too hard about stuff that’s more than 10 miles away unless somebody else is going.  It’ll be handy-dandy next Thursday when I’ve got a Thing to BE At in Bloomington-Normal.  There are some church things in Kankakee that I could entertain participating in.

… but no more counting chickens ’til they’ve hatched…   and the car will be returned to my brother when he wants it back…

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