nIFTY tech

(and not so nifty)    I went down to the Bike Project last night to pick up a new Busch-Muller light.     The Luxos that it’s replacing is the not so nifty tech — sorry, the “charge your USB port” light isn’t made for Sue Jones riding — which is to say actual, every day riding.  Connections failed and … waterproof?  Well, sort of…

This one is elegant and literally brilliant (though I didn’t get the higher end — I’ll see just how bright it is when it’s installed).

The nifty tech?   Plastic bar-coded “member” cards for the Bike PRoject.    Scan and it has member info… I can wave it over a thingy to sign in.

Not so nifty — some of the gaps in when you can do what, but that’s their problem 🙂

Light rain on the commute … I had topped up the tyres so that my “soothing rain ride” pace was almost as fast as previous days’  Endorphin Chasing Charges… and my skull lights … okay, pics or it didn’t happen — pending 🙂

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