Yes I confess, I do it — but I don’t stick with the profiles.   So I don’t *really* know the life story of the guy on the electric assist bike who inspired me to think “hey, they could lower the threshold for removing your driver’s license these days — those bikes can let you stay employed.”

And this morning, as I cut into the parking lot that is part of the “Bke route’ on the Ruby Award Campus Infrastructure (it’s Lip Service — sidewalk, road, no cut curb so you have to do a mess of 90 degree turns).. this guy just pulled out where he’d been paused as if I weren’t there, looking everywhere… “HELLO!”   He sort of glanced at me… “Please WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!”   I was not deserving of eye contact.   Hey, Mr. PRivilege who does not deem me worthy of existing (did I mention I was profiling?)  … I actually said “A BLESSING ON YOU AND EVERYONE YOU ENDANGER TODAY.”   Now, I would like to be able to say it without the all caps… and I then realized it would be reasonable for him to have seen me an dexpected me to keep going straight onto the sidewalk (I didn’t because there were peds on it … and he was stopped in the parking lot, not moving at decision time).   I’m sure he heard it (pretty sure the pedestrians did, too…)

…  but holy everything, people are nuts.   Gunning down people in Vegas.   No trouble getting out of bed this morning because that on the news did things in my stomach.

Please, sane people I think we need to get together and either clear out the poisons that are doing this to people or strengthen them so people can’t do that stuff.

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