79.5 miles

This past two weeks I”ve done a few extra miles including a 6:01 lap around campus where I loafed part of it — and 15 mph average (it’s 1.45 miles) is significant on a cargo bike.   The car thing — I still don’t have a title on it.  (oops, that charger isn’t plugged in yet…)   But still… the 44 mile “Rail to Trail fundraiser” ride at Homer Lake, okay, I’ll ride to it (13 miles)… probably see if I can toss the bike in somebody’s vehicle at the end because … I”m not in shape … Except … yea, we ended up doing a scenic ride home instead  and after 79 miles I am ready to … go for a bike ride.

People, get a bike that fits 🙂   Nothing is sore — I don’t even feel tired.   (Erm, yes, we also .had high temps in the 70’s.   Heat exhausts me. Oh, and… the wind picked up and yea, we were sailing home. )

5 miles from 5000 on the year — maybe the errands will do that but I don’t let numbers dictate.   (I *thought* I had this but that was to make 700 on the month.)

I asked and they said about 125 participants.  It felt like more than that.


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