Solidarity : )

Early commute day… that half mile stretch on White Street had 1 bicycle pass me, four or five come the other way, 3 busses go by one way or the other and 2 or 3 of those car things.   Pretty good proportions in my book 🙂

I was just enough ahead of the busses (there’s a “mass departure” at 7:40 from the terminal I ride by so transfers can happen) to greet the regular bus riders waiting at the stop and several didn’t seem that happy to greet the day.   In the second mile on Church two cars approached from behind and one used a horn (no close calls, nothing aggressive and I didn’t really see who was honking at whom — me? other driver?)   – and another ‘morning regular’ called out some unintelligible but supportive greeting at me. I appreciated the lift it gave me — the feeling that the *people* on the streets are in this thing together and the machines of menace aren’t going to defeat us.

Think I’m going to try to include a little more of that sentiment in my greetings henceforth.

Maria’s category four and slamming Puerto Rico.   We were so relieved when Irma wasn’t a direct hit.   Humans:   help each other.


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