… yes, the weather was kind to me yesterday — I got to chorus as it started sprinkling.  Storms roiled and rumbled … and quit just about 9:00 departure time.   Went home under cloudy skies … storms came back in the night.

The Washington Post writes today about property in London where “nobody’s home,” because it’s foreign-owned and … they’re not there.   I *know* we’ve got that same thing happening at a smaller scale here and I ride through town on my commute contemplating the possibilities.   In my imaginary novel, you see, my little gang of conspirators listens on their apps and… when the constabularies are busy with distractions that’s when they quietly experiment and find these unoccupied properties.   The rules are that you have to have three layers of plausible excuses for when you get caught… knowing “justice” isn’t a thing, just “how the law works.” So we’ll work up some paperwork that looks like we’ve been hired to provide security.   Hey, Microsoft Word has neat templates for that!

Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

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