whomp whomp whomp

Yes, within a week of deciding not to wait until my next flat to replace my worn out tire… I get a flat.

No, it *wasn’t* glass.   failed tube

It was a slow leak and since it’s right on the seam I don’t think it was caused by external forces.  Perhaps the changing of the tyre which required letting air out and then reinflating exceeded its tolerance.

Sigh, I had the patch kit at the ready even.

Commutes are busy again — and yesterday I went in at noon, so I got to see “busy campus,” though I don’t go on any dense-traffic areas. I had the gratification of coasting down Main and seeing a bike coasting faster and gaining… and then dropping completely behind me at the uphill part 😛

However… I need to reseat the silly thing.   On those rare smooth stretches of road, it’s just a tad eggy…

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