Last night was the ribbon cutting for the “KRT” — Kickapoo Rail Trail.   Mostly bike officials there; 11 of us rode to St. Joe and back.   People were wondering why more citizens weren’t there but I think those folks had ridden on the “pre-opening preview” ride and felt they’d done their schtick.  Other folks haven’t found it yet… tho’ the mayor said they’d counted 500 people a day.

The first mile was definitely … well “Ruby” level insofar as there wasn’t, actually, any bike infrastructure and we had to ride on a skinny part of Main Street.  I heard somebody say there were some miscommunications about things at that end.   The first part of the ceremonies- while I was at work – were about “ideas for Urbana” like … d’oh, infrastructure so that riders coming west aren’t just dumped off making a left across a pretty bad intersection with crappy visibility.

So except the part where you’d die, it was great.   The immediate option for people who just want to ride the trail is to park at Wal-Mart, which is actually next to … *bike trail.*  The mayor promises it won’t take 20 years to get a pancake shop at the corner.   (She sounded so much like a politician 😦   May I *never* have to speak in quotable sound bytes.)

Got to Bradley in 30 bike minutes this a.m. — very little wind and yes,  I’m reasonably strong with the 219 mile first week of September!   Thinking my next bike should be something with a suspension — the kiddo who went by me on the Cannondale as I pulled out of the driveway was just having too much fun bouncing up driveway to sidewalk as a big ol’ passenger van approached.

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