Labor Day :)

okay it’s not like the Perrysville adventures — up before dawn and riding 40 miles to Indiana and logging usually just shy of 100 miles… (and getting a ride back).

Executive summary:   I bailed on making a route and just trimmed the “Fast group’s” route for Labor Day.   Talked Laura into going with us even though 40 had been grueling on July 4 *and* high temp today 90 *and* headwinds for the last stretch of 51 mile route.
We did it 🙂   And the fast group did our route too ’cause of hte conditions so we did the “big guy’s route” 🙂   (lots slower…)

No, it was *not* a sacrifice for me to ride Big Red and paint over the bevels on my mirror  w/ the two other folks for whom 51 was going to be enough      while some folks did a tour of FIsher (had to see Buzzard’s Fine Dining, a ‘not fine seating but oh! the food!” place where they put the accent on the second syllable)… it brings great joy to help somebody REACH A GOAL *and* … I have to focus to go fast 🙂

Long version:

… but I rode 7.5 miles to Zahnd Park for the “local alternative” which fast people were doing … I think Perrysville was tabled this year.   I remember having to convince L that my Saturday ride was *easier* than the Wednesday “level one pedaling for pleasure” even with longer mileage because … pace is everything and I’m just a hair stricter.   A:  we don’t have to worry about sunset and B:  I’m less inclined towards “oh, we’re not going that fast.”   (Not perfect. )
SHe’d done our Fourth of July and didn’t fare well for the last stretch, and that was 40 something but… I was riding the fast bike and with a different group.  (No, I don’t feel guilty :))
We’d talked about a Labor Day ride and I’d said I’d figure something out.. it got later and later… so w/ less than a week notice I  posted a possible ride but hadn’t worked out the route, to a select group.  WIthin 5 hours another ride leader posted a Labor Day ride to the whole club.

Oy.   COmpeting rides.   Or maybe not really.   HOwever, I saw the route posted — 61 miles — and didn’t feel like figuring out my route… and figured they’d gotten tired of waiting for me.
SO I posted back “hey, let’s start from the West instead… and I can trim this route.”

THere was much confusion and back and forth and I got unjustifiably grumpy on Saturday about it.  Eww.   I did proclaim I’d be riding the Big Red bike.   I might have “switched” to the “Fast group’s” ride but … I wasn’t riding with the fast group.

Luck works in my favor.   It was hot and windy.   We *did* leave promptly at 8:30.  Yes, 3 of us were hangin’ at the back but *every time* I telepathed to the ones in front — three times — they decided to have a roadside break.   I’d say something to the other two and.. within two minutes,  we’d see the group stop.  We’ve just got leader types who care about everybody having a good time and not feeling left behind… (well, and it was hot and windy!)
Now, they *did* wait for us once when … we opted to zig zag to break up the last 5 miles of head/cross wind.   When they caught back up, I said I figured they’d wait an appropriate time and then move along.

THis route was much better than mine would have been.   Also, having a Major Lunch Stop 40 miles in so we were inside for the middle of the day… only 10 miles to go… that’s “the way to go.”

Lessons:   figure out some routes, on those “fridays off,” for stuff like this.   FIgure ’em out and ride them.   (Not going to talk about the car thing in my stupid driveway that I still don’t have the title for.)

DOn’t take it out on others when you’re the one who put things off….

The weather likes me.   We had cloud cover and haze that kept the heat from making things brutal.  (Wildfire haze? Maybe.)



One response to “Labor Day :)

  1. Oh, yea, the other lesson. TIghten your bolts!

    I replaced the front tire because I was tired of waiting for it to flat. It’s ridiculously worn and there are four, count them, four places where if I were trying to figure out where the flat was, that gouge would be it.

    Test rode it 9 miles, happiness.

    HEading out to Zahnd Park it had a new rattle. What was hitting the fender? Hmmm… Hmmm…. then just before prospect my ears said, “That’s not plastic. That’s metal. ” and yea verily Prospect light was red and I leaned over and no, I hadn’t tightened the wheel bolts. I finger tightened them and upon arrival at Zahnd Park got the wrench (I *had* organized tools so I knew where it was — that hub is expensive enough so Scott didn’t put it w/ quick release) and made it good.

    Rehearsing in my little brain about that particular rattle sound so’s I recognize it sooner, later…

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