They’re Baaack :)

It’s the U first day of school and yes, it was a different commute.   Drivers were yielding to peds crossing towards me so… it behooved me to just get across… that was after the driver of SVA BBY 2 gave me a reasonably friendly wave… this being the lady who, two years ago on the first day of school, whipped around my right and cut me off to get in the left turn lane, then rolled down the window to chastise me for breaking the law and being discourteous.   I had made a point of smiling broadly and waving at her other mornings (and I think she found a different route)… I’d love to actually talk to her so she can discover that yes, the big grin and wave is a strategy I employ to defuse dangerously aggressive drivers, thank you.

Beat the rain in by 20 minutes 🙂 Happily it’s the kind of light rain we need — it’s been dry enough a hard one would mostly run off.   Then there’s Hurricane Harvey in Houston (which the local Republican referred to as a she…)  — hey, what’s 50 inches of rain here and there?



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