K-12 school starts…

University and college folks are coming back, too, tho’ move-in is next week.   Today was the morning for K-12… will try to remember to wear something Hi-Viz tomorrow.   Seemed everybody at the corners was just a little late in seeing… though there are fewer lanes blocked off from consruction; clearly today was a deadline of sorts.  Yesterday I approached the Goodwin “T” — well, for cars it would be a dead end but bikes/peds go through (and the Ruby Lip Service Bike Friendly U. allowed Urbana to make curb cuts for us even tho’ it’s their road).   One lane was closed and a signbearer with her back to me was guiding the every-twenty-seconds-or-so car through.   Happily, the driver noted me so we could do that communication thing, he could go through and the signbearer could be a tad startled… and… “You going straight?”   I do hope she was more attentive for the next folks…
That Busch-Muller light is … oh, probably not connecting right, still. It’s only at its brightest on bumpy roads, then for a stretch if it’s smooth and then… what’s reasonably bright, but I fear on “stand light” mode and thus, draining the battery.  Wondering if it’s something the hot glue gun could ameliorate, and wondering how much the Planet Bike system costs (and how to find it).  However, I also will try setting up the charger thingy. Wondering just how crazy the world is getting, but that’s another story… but having a power generating  bike is a good thing, I think.
Time to get focused on creating math things…


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