Be careful…

I heard sirens as I came down my driveway — common enough.

Not 10 seconds later I saw the profile of a bicycle on the side of the road in the dusk… and “bike down” silhouettes (I don’t even know what they were but they were wrong.)
The ambulance came ’round as I approached,  and a silhouette was waving them over.
I got on the sidewalk and dismounted. (Did taht a couple times today w/ construction…) Silhouettes turned into people and  EMTs were inquiring, “What’s your name?” to a lady I didn’t recognize who was sitting up, near the banana-seat Stingray.  The police were approaching and they nodded at me…
The fellow with hte blue bike told me he had been JRA (Ju(st Riding Along) and had seen her and… wasn’t comfortable with her condition so he had called…. should he stick around?  I suggested he give the police his contact information … and walked a little further and Jack and his wife were on their porch.  I was JRA when they were trying to haul something up their steps a few years back… they asked did I know…
One of ’em wondered why the ER doctor who lived ‘cross the street wasn’t out there… the other ‘I think he’s out…”   and then a fellow  with a little dog approached and inquired about things — I am thinking he was said ER doctor and dang it, I remember the dog’s name was Nell but his ???   He asks “was it the lady who lived up the street?” and then went along his way and I thought to speculate “oh, he probably means me…”I hope it’s a person with insurance and relatives/friends… (a collectible Stingray makes it more likely).

Update:   there’s reason to think it wasn’t a fall, but a drug/reaction kind of medical issue.   Same hopes…

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