…  I was feeling this amazing positive energy riding in … and realized it was coming from the tailwind 😉

On the other hand, yesterday and today were “dodge the construction” days — yes, somebody was coming in the entry way that I was exiting because construction made that seem safer… probably is safer since even though I was going wrong way… I was visible.   Yesterday a big ol’ truck driver didn’t see me at all as he was making the right turn onto Church, but I knew which path he was taking (tell tale dirt trail from other trucks) and was taking a wiiiide trajectory… he saw me, stopped (stopped again — he had stopped at the stop sign), and apologized with that “what did I just almost do ?!??” look…

I’ll be glad when there aren’t so many half-the-road-closed things happening…

Oh, and a lady on a Schwinn riding significantly faster than me caught up on Church… but she went to the sidewalk, so she had to wait for that very truck and she stayed on the sidewalks, which aren’t on Church between Mattis and Country Fair.  I was on the road and … I saw her behind me crossing to get over to the path… I had to wait at the light but still saw her behind me crossing on the path… but then I had to stop to check something so she beat me to campus 🙂


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