Hey! They’ve painted bike lanes onto Country Fair where it’s wide enough!

Mixed feelings. First, no, they didn’t make soI bold (tho’ I’ll double check) as to paint even sharrows on the narrower part.  Secondly, drivers tended to act as if the crack that’s about four inches further in than the bike lane was … a divider.   They stayed on that side of it.  So… do I really need a white stripe? Because Thirdly, seems maybe they don’t stay on that side if I’m not there because there seems to be tons more debris. Perhaps the cars brushed it off before.   We’ll see, though – it’s just been a week.
Also… other folks think it’s fantastic that they are there.   If the line gets people out there because they didn’t just try it and discover cars gave ’em room (though perhaps that’s just my carma and I get room when others don’t)…

so 33.5 miles today 17. 3 yesterday and17. 2 the day before that.  BikeJournal’s down  … I should prob’ly also log over at the National Bike CHallenge but that’s gotten so slick that it’s hard to do.   I *think*  I’m still on 33 1/3 miles per day average and… I’m taking Monday off…

Yesterday there was a dude walking on the sidewalk on Bradley and … I quailed.  Rather than brave the off-road (grass, people… maybe maybe a bit of a bump transition…)  I slowed ‘way down so we’d pass on the driveway … and I’m pretty sure the look wasn’t “what? You didn’t want to get that close to me?” but rather “hey, thanks for giving me space.”

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