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Found a message to me on Facebook today waiting for my approval:   had I made it home safely last week?

Quite happy to say yes and thank you … and know who my helper was 🙂

I ran through some glass this  morning and… then things felt squishy soft.   Not flat, just soft. Had the pump but … really wasn’t making progress and it was too flaming hot… so I rode down to Champaign Cycle and used the compressor there to amp it full.
We’ll see how full lit is on the morrow.   Might take The Red Bicycle (which by the way is a new ice cream shoppe in Urbana… they should give me a discount…) I should be home by dark after all even if I do a few extra miles.   To keepup with last July I’ll need 52 in the next two days but Friday’s off 🙂  HIgh 89 … but I could knock off 40 in the morning… especially if the sunrise bedroom’s painted and ready.   Moving from the west facing to east facing room just might have me springing into life (snork — or possibly not!  I slept in for the first 40 years and 1 week of my life… I could flop back…)
Today was commute and … the ride to Champaign Cycle at lunch for 4.5 miles and then the Pedaling For Pleasure.   We went to Alto Vineyards and… STaley was awfully busy.  There was talk of “taking the lane” afterward, which we hadn’t.  THe cars squeezed by us.   Coming back we added 2 miles to avoid it.    If we’d doubled up we’d have been more compact — would single file   be more or less likely to invoke road rage than doubling?   Don’t know.     Love that ’round here we have “avoid conflict” option 🙂

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