Mirror, Mirror

Sunday I had a Not Good Thing happen.   I was cruising down Main Street and I espied the lady in the cart approaching, coming back from Mass, on my side of the street.   I moved left to give her room.

My mirror wasn’t behaving b/c it was drooping madly.   We were navigating/communicating and I heard “blearoop!”  and then two police cars with lights but no sirens went ’round.   We should have both just pulled over & stopped.   I saw the officers two blocks later, and hoped any delay didn’t mean failure to apprehend a criminal (they were talking to a guy with a dog, and no ambulances or other emergency stuff was happening).

Today was different and I wonder if my “fix the mirror and be more alert” decision was partly responsible.   I’m cruising up Country Fair and this big pickup truck with trailer with a crapload of stuff passes me, and then I see it’s stopped up the road… hmm… oh, there’s a big roll of something on the road, and there’s traffic behind me and approaching (though not particularly fast or anything).   I move a little left  and put a hand out and down in a “I’m telling you what to do, not telling you what I’m doing!” manner (and human brains are fascinating because usually we do get that stuff!)  and then point to the Thing in the Road.   The guy in the truck apologizes and retrieves it, I go around when it’s safe, and the guy behind me passes and says “Thanks for the warning!”

— that almost non-event could have been …   interesting.  As in living in interesting times…

… and it’s gorgeous with highs in the SEVENTIES today 🙂  and I rode to work FROM MY HOUSE for the first time this year.  My house has a gloriously orange-painted (“Outgoing Orange”) big bedroom (think: creamsicle)  and the little bedroom will soon be FlyWay Blue.   I decided not to apply “pick a color you like and then go lighter” because my trim will be white semi-gloss in there, too.

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