I’m thinking that badassery prob’ly doesn’t get censored from algorithms (yet)…

I remember (because Facebook reminded me) a babbling toddler on a scooter getting wildly enthusiastic when I rode by one Sunday morning… last Sunday I went to Meijer with a little extra six mile loop on the prairie and three cyclists were approaching.  They were on relatively nondescript, flat-handle-bar bikes … and the guy in front, prob’ly my age or older, gave me a rousing cheer an awful lot like the toddler .  This resting blissface thing, I think, means I convey badassery vs.  “that poor old woman on the bicycle!”   — I only hope that the cheers are mutual spirit lifting, as opposed to “that poor woman, I need to lift her spirits!”   Then yesterday a humanities instructor lauded me for my fortitude into the wind and general intrepidity.   Says he used to ride the bike to work but the third time he almost got hit… I suggested that my bike was a big factor in that not happening to me but wonder about route and lane position and all that stuff… and yea, if more people were on two wheels it would be even better…

And bombs in England at a concert kids were going to.  Whoopee, we’re all gonna die 😦


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