Hey, I got 21 miles in today 🙂   The three laat htps at lunch had nothing to do with the “errandoneering” that broke me from the mindset that I just. go. home.  and do errands on weekends. What was a THing To Be Procrastinated (because, you know, it’s after work) became a game to play.   So I went to Meijer and … bought mouse traps.   Haven’t set them yet. Maybe if I just sing really badly the critters will leave?   (I didn’t get the “no see no touch” ones with poison.   Dude, if I”m going to kill something, I’m going to kill it. )

Today was only tailwind for the ride home but going in there wasn’t much wind at all. The lunch laps are circles so you get what you pay for … and it was kinda windy but I just didn’t ride hard.

Yesterday on FB someone posted about a 26″ folder at Neutral, and one of the responses was about a similar creature at Champaign Cycle.   Well, I guess if I get another bike, I should donate the Dahon to the Bike Project… I’m just too brutal for that many small precisely fitting … things that rust and then don’t work.   Could/should also really make an effort to get the Racer rolling.   How much could be wrong with a one speed??

Bottom line:  3 bikes in the fleet stresses me 🙂   I mean, what if I hadn’t gotten the Transport’s flat fixed, and the Xtracycle had needed more than a cleaning?   The Trek is still not right… and the other Trek I still need to report as AWOL.  And I”m extremely grateful that … none of these “stresses” are … really stressful.

Took a picture w/ new phone and it posted to FB directly 🙂  I should be grateful to it … ends up with my life being nicer pretty quickly






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