It’s all about running 12 errands in 12 days and extolling it 🙂  Hey!   Could this possibly tip me towards getting the locks lopped? As in hair, which was a nuisance yesterday when I started hearing a sound in the spokes … metal on metal.   I pulled over and couldn’t diagnose it… there’s a loose spoke in the works and too much hair in the face.   I ended up loosening the wheel and moving it around a bit and then riding gingerly home.   The noise shifted to only happening when the pedals were engaged.  I got home and did my best to clean up everything, helped immensely by a slice of blue jeans from somewhere which made for good oily floss .  I resolve to clean more often.

Today’s errand should perchance be … mouse traps.   (The other task was cleaning up a drawer where they’re clearly partying.)

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