The foggy dew…

So far this week I’ve been successful at “get out a little earlier and ride a little harder!” ’cause I’m on the Transport.   I’m inuring myself against it’s banginess — it’s just stiffer than the Xtracycle so it jangles more on potholes.  My crafty friend took one look at the bagless side and said “you could just put a backpack there w/ the straps.”  Hmm, maybe, but I’d have to check for danglers and spoke issues… it would probably be best to get a designated bag and put it on there for re-use, safely and carefully.   (That’s not my bike below — this is the prairie! — but it captures the “baglessess” of that side.  Oddly, my bag is on the other side.) That 3-rail thing vertically next to the rear wheel slips down to horizontal, but it’s clanky. I want something to buffer it… trek transport.PNG

This morning was densely foggy — not quite “pea soup” but I wouldn’t have wanted any approaches >35 mph or so.   I left early and swung by my house and failed to find my hi-viz jacket, so I grabbed a hi-viz shirt to have hangin’ out of the bag in the back, and got the lights rolling.

Got an early lunch lap in b/c of “fire emergency” alarm.  Just might match last year’s “February” — but will have to catch up ’cause January was less. Main thing is … riding harder… and dreaming of … Portland, Oregon?   Maybe?

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