I rode the Xtra out to the Sisters’ Residence, swapped it with the Transport that I had to leave there when I couldn’t find the key, and rode out to Champaign Cycle to put the Transport in to get the hub swapped.   Need to get the rest of the brake parts out there (the cable that goes from lever to brake) ’cause I forgot that.

Got online and was told by the trip planner that I should head up to the “Country Fair West” stop and I’d get a grey.  This made me quite happy because I’d thought I’d have to do Green and swap — the SIsters’ Residence is on the Grey route. 4:41 the thing would arrive.

I had more time than I thought so I pulled it up on my phone — 14 minutes, it said… the LIme would get their two minutes earlier.   The lime went by and I just waved, and then waited… longer than two minutes. 4:42…  I looked at the route map in the shelter and it showed this as pretty much the end point of the route, as if the bus came out here and turned around.   Hmmm, I thought…did it turn around *in* Country Fair? The stop about 150 yards away?

I looked back and saw it coming through the Country Fair parking lot.  I thought, oh! I missed it — it doesn’t come out to this shelter, and started walking towards the main stop to catch *something.*

Then I thought … no, it prob’ly loops around right here! Wouldn’t you feel dumb if you walked away just as it arrived?

So I went back to the shelter and stood outside to be as obvious as possible that I was waiting for that bus and… the Grey rode right on by.   I jogged a little towards it… wondering if it would stop along the road…???  Nope. It was heading towards, I guess, University?

So I jogged on over to the main Country Fair stop, got on the Green, and was told that I probably had to go out and stand on the road.

CUMTD, if I have to do that, say so.   Don’t have all the information telling me where to go when it’s not true.  The main mall stop is not that far away — maybe people “in the know” can do that standing on the road thing, but don’t tell me I can catch a bus somewhere I can’t.   FAIL.

It’s not bus driver failure except for the part about maybe stopping if there’s somebody at the shelter?  It doesn’t make sense for the bus to pull in unless it’s going to pull through the  mall like the others do.

I don’t know exactly where the “on road” on Country Fair stop is… but if that’s where I should have gone, that’s where I should have been sent.


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