Chilly but not cold :)

20 degrees yesterday and today for the ride in.   I should drive the car thing soon… tomorrow will be 2 weeks sitting in driveway.

Yesterday I could/should have ducked out to the road on Bradley (the busy road that’s the last quarter mile into campus) — I watched and nobody would have had to slow down (two westbound lanes).   The pedestrian I called out ‘to cause I was on the sidewalk did that depressing thing:   leaped out of my way onto the grass as if he’d been caught where he shouldn’t be.   Okay, that’s less depressing than the one-day-post-Ferguson fellow who slowly stepped aside, slowly raising his hands…

I want to get some actual breathing hard riding in… aside from the quarter mile sustained charges to the traffic lights when the timing decrees.  And … I need to get this resume and CV done!

2 responses to “Chilly but not cold :)

  1. I never like riding on a sidewalk – just seems wrong. However, there are a few routes I avoid because the road doesn’t feel safe. I’m finding all of the alleys and neighborhood roads (including one private road) that get me around town without using those busy thoroughfares.

  2. I almost never ride on the sidewalk. It usually *is* wrong — driveways, competing with pedestrians, getting back into traffic are life-threatening issues.
    This is a case where it’s a quarter mile next to the highest traffic count road in the county (or top 3, at any rate) and … going to a college, so close to the hour means students can be running late. The sidewalk is very scantily traveled — maybe a pedestrian per week — and I go right on said sidewalk onto the campus, so no “invisible reentry” issues.
    It still doesn’t “feel right” and sometimes I’ll see that pedestrian and just ride hard (as I really could have done that morning). Happily, it *is* two lanes that direction so I’m not a total bottlenecker.

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