It’s still endorphins ;)

WILL informed me that the airport was reporting light snow, though out the window, nothing was happening. I hopped on the bicycle and figured it was just above freezing… but it didn’t stay that way.  Light sleet ensued.

Yes, this was another “You’ll ride in anything!” myth building day… I was already warmed up before things got interesting, so the sleet was a “cool refreshing mist.”  There were more than 30 degrees out there — that’s a lot!  The streets were fine — it was pretty much a fine, misty sleet (so when I arrived, there were still dry patches on the sidewalks).

Granted, the 20 mph winds and the rusty chain slowed me down a bit ( maintenance tmie! This weather does bad stuff in a hurry down there), and the guy scraping off his car made me check my helmet — but it wasn’t icy, so I assume there was earlier crusting  Still, I beat the busses 🙂   LEarned from the student who called out “Hi, Susan!” from the bus stop that Orange to Pink gets a person to Parkland from Church Street, so when I find half a million dollars and buy a house there for the “single moms sorority house/ day care center”there is a reasonable bus option.


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