Just wow

It’s like history, dudes.  Like the news is on this like a terrorist act but the mirror image good thing.

We need a word for the opposite of a terrorist act.

Okay, I am at my friend’s house — so … I”m going to have access to TV more… and this Spicer guy is telling the news what they should be covering. Yes, this is the kind of thing the bully with the important parents says in the principal’s office.  Except most bullies I know are better actors — he doesn’t sound confident at all.

Still, these are the guys with the power.

But the bicycle!
A friend on FB posted “5000 strong” and… it was WestSide Park.  HERE… not Chicago.  5000 people in SHampoo Banana?????

So I got on the bike at one ish — the thing was to happen 11… and headed out.   I saw three people with funny hats and thought… welp, if it’s done, it wasn’t that big, because… there just wasn’t the feel of “coming back from something big.

And I didn’t see many more… I got to Randolph and turned up… figuring I’d get to West Side Park and see remnants.

I saw a police car at University and Randolph and no, you weren’t going to drive a car  further north.   I saw a man talking extremely “respectfully” to the officer about appreciating him.   A very white, very … kind of glazed-eyes cult-follower guy.

I saw … Church STreet.  THe people walking there.   THe lots of people walking there.   Dudes, this march thing started at 11:00.   It’s 1:00.  They are still walking.

I walked with them.  I considered the value of a cargo bicycle in a march.   I considered the need for a word for the opposite of terrorism and that no, this wasn’t quite a “protest march.”   I remember learning a long time ago that a good revolution is about what you *are* not about “we’re not the other guy” though that’s what brings lots of folks to it.

I took some pictures and … headed back (I’m a caregiver right now)… and in the riding around town I saw … honestly, …. it just might be a different world, in some ways good and some ways bad.   The faces that I saw who looked at me riding by, and the bubble over their head said, “are you one of *them*”?   … that was creepy.   The sweet girl who looked at me and said, “enjoy your ride!”   was nice.   The people in funny hats AND WE HAD THE BEST HATS!!!   You could tell they were made by hand :PP )   who …

We’re energized.

We need some good songs.


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