Sensory girl

41 and drizzle with 23 mph winds — but from the South so in my wide open stretch, behind me.   Okay, it made the turn into Parkland a little cautious because of my wimpiness (stopping and restarting in winds has me doing five legscoots in fear of starting and having some part of my attire blowing into my chain) but all in all a pleasant excursion.

Coming into the building I”m greeted with “This couldn’t have been fun,”  and while I totally appreciate the empathy I had to explain that with the marvels of Gore-Tex… it was fun.

However, those Novara rain pants?   Better than nothing but… I’ve got to peel them off now because the wet is working on through.   If I’d been out longer, I’d be wet. That’s not what rain pants are supposed to do.

They’re looking ahead for dire things this weekend, to the tune of 3 *days* of off and on icing.  The weather channel guy used the words “big deal.”   Reckon I’d best get the garage clear enough for that car thing and stock up on ThingS and Stuff.



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