So it was somewhere between 3 (temp when I woke up) and 13 (current temp) when I had to decide how to get to church.  Well, first, whether to go… okay, this is the beginning of a sore throat and there’s a trace of congestion but…I can still sing.

The cold decided it for me — the one in my throat, not the outside.   I dressed and rode.  Dudes, when I don’t have a car, I don’t get colds. I ride, get to my destination, and go somewhere go blow everything out of the sinuses… oh, and NPR weekend edition had a visit from the author of a book about the health benefits of exposing the body to extreme cold. (I’m not sure how extreme it really was — the guy “went outside and stood in the snow” and the first day had 5 miserable minutes but was good for an hour in less than a week).

So now I’m still coughing a bit … we’ll see. And we’ll ride.   Okay, maybe not out to Biaggi’s tonight.

Update:   I also remember the time I had the “chills and comin’ down with something” but I left the space heater blasting … and fell asleep and woke up All Better.   There’s that, too.

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