Drove a car

… Bad weather is bad weather.   At two degrees, I fought the urge to hop on the bus, and drove the Avalon in to work.

I   spent much more time being cold — and I let it warm up while I did the last stuff in the house.   The steering wheel’s not going to warm up (handlebars don’t either but *I* do when I’m riding).   Had to brush the snow off (I think I need to windshield wipers).   Had to … drive the thing.   Three pawn shops on the route, and the gas station corner of Vine and Illinois is closed and the gas dispensers gone.   I only saw one or two other people out in the cold.   I was cold on  the trip in from the parking lot … and the trip back out because one forgets things in the car.

Okay, the driving and forgetting would be cured by routine. Still… bad weather is bad weather, and I wasn’t really dressed for it.

When I had a car back in aught 8, the debate was bike or car.  I didn’t have a bus pass (or know that routine).   I wondered where my inclination would be.  Introversion aside, right now the bus comes in ahead of the car.  Even when I wasn’t feeling like a little human in a belching, spewing tank… it was just too much space for me to be taking up.

It’s supposed to warm up Sunday so I should get real riding in next week.

Now, that other advantage — if I need to be somewhere to take somebody somewhere, I can just do it — yea, there is that.


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