Bus day

11 degrees and snowing — not hard, but … that’s cold enough that I’d have to ride fast to get warm and I don’t ride fast in snow.   (Don’t have studded tyres either.)

Rode in yesterday at 13 with a 20 mph headwind… and the light is still being strange.   Goes from usually full blaze ahead, sometimes going to ‘daytime running light’…  to … off.   Requires bumps to make it go on.   Sounds like Saturday at MakerSpace is in order….

This morning, I waved at the car that is in the driveway and got on the bus.  I might take the car tomorrow just to see what it’s like.  It has been 8 years since I drove a car to work, except once (don’t remember why).   ( I’ve got custody of this 2008 Avalon ’til the sibling who inherited wants it, which would be when their old van dies.)

Students aren’t back yet so it wasn’t crowded, tho’ several regulars weren’t there.

The display in back of the driver’s seat have been switched from telling me when there’s no service to assorted admonitions about bus behavior — priority seating up front and not being loud and obnoxious w/ electronics or one’s voice.

I think I’m a few bicycles away from there being enough room in the garage for that car thing.  Need to take wheel & lights off the Gazelle frame … and decide how to make the transfer to the Transport happen.

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