Ridin’ on…

Yup, the election happened.

A Jeep passed me and then cut over to turn right on Lincoln yesterday… so I pulled around to the left.   She rolled the window down — youngish Black lady — and I asked her why she had cut me off like that… she said something that sounded vaguely like “Why don’t you go back to sleep?”  a few times.   It was just weird and I’m glad things didn’t accelerate, and she went off to the right and on her way.

Need to put the plastic pumpkin back on my back bags — it’s like that guy with a pool noodle dangling; it gets me a little more space.

Need to get more tires 🙂   They’re what you’d have a picture of for “how to tell if your tire is worn!”  … all smooth and flat, except the  little gouges here and there.

Sigh, my tool fantasy failed to happen.  I bought a whole toolkit that includes the Torx20 I need to tighten my headlight; it’s got a mess of tools that work on computers.   So, I brought it to the conference in case I could Save THe Day.   It didn’t happen 🙂  Oh, well, at least I still know where it is!

It was sweeet riding in yesterday — drizzle and 50 degrees, and yea, pretty much all the usual folks out on their bikes, just with a little extra gear.   Yes, that’s right, people go out side and do stuff when it’s raining.

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