Lots of little things…

A lady on a fat tire cruiser had gone by me twice with squishy tires… as in, how much work can one person do??? … so I decided next time I would turn around and gently …  but next time, her tires were up and full.   Sort of glad I was so surprised I didn’t holler out “Great! You got air in your tires!”   🙂

That construction that closed of the already-crappy “bike route” through campus still had things blocked even though the concrete was done and smooth (and it ain’t a roadway — there were no stripes to add).   I shifted them a foot or two to teh side so a person could ride by… the next morning they were all the way out of the way, but the “sidewalk closed” thing in the middle was still there, which makes me think it was another guerrilla modification, not ‘official.’

APP!!!   bikemoves.me   — I need to get around to downloading it to the phone (of course I only think of that in the cave at work…) so that the data collectors in Champaign County can know I ride here. Need to share it, too…

… and I think my bags are so worn out that things are escaping.  I don’t *know* that the U part of the U-lock and … my keys… snuck out, but … I’m heading out tonight to retrace last week’s abbreviated moonlight ride just in case I somehow didn’t notice the keys escaping.   (Since I heard a *flash drive* fall out I would think I’d notice my wad of keys with the “2 mile challenge” bike chain keyring crashing behind me but…)

Oh, and BIKE SUMMIT!   separate post…

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