Motorized MOrning :)

No, not me… but the orange battery-powered bike that was right behind me on Main — I was out a minute or two early — caught up and we chatted, and “Oh! You got a new cargo bike? It’s Gorgeous!”   because I rode the tank again.   I put on the hi-viz jacket, too – but still felt like people were just not giving me quite as much room.   Not a difference between safe and unsafe, just… not as much room.   I’ll pay attention when I’m on the Xtra, tho’, because it could just be that there’s more traffic ’cause school’s back.

Yea, the “bike route” through campus is blocked for another few weeks.   Hey, it’s not as if it needs to actually be used.   It’s just got to be on the form they fill out.   I have to give the humans credit, though:   THE PICKUP TRUCK was PARKED ON THE GRASS, not in the middle of the path!!!!   So, Progress!!! (I guess I should consider taking pictures of that kind of thing, too… but I was really enjoying not being in a hurry…)

Replies to my sharing of the Clark Bar experience (which included a non-CHampaign person having to extrapolate that it was a drinking establishment, not a food source ;)) share my suspicion that it was somebody having a bad day… with suggestion to ‘park inside the fence.’   I rode by and … it looks like I’d have to hoist the bike up about six steps to do that and then wander through the weeds.   Disinclined.   Thing is, if it were a place I knew I liked, it would almost be worth it — except it’s really, really not that hard to provide bike parking.   We’ll just head over to Riggs Brewery, who are also having live entertainment…     … even if they don’t know basic grammar (‘has sang’ ???)


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