The tank unseen

Rode the green thing in today (the Transport).

It’s not as visible, Id on’t think — though this is a sunny mornign and we’re approaching equinox so the sun-in-eyes factor waxes.   Crossing First street, a guy w/ turn signal to go left was across from me  but  I popped out knowing I could get halfway across the lane before he … turned right towards me, not going wide at all. He braked hard and said, “Didn’t see you.”   I said with all angst, “Please look!”

Going to put the hi-viz on the body even if I sweat.   I’m thinking that the Xtracycle has so many things that flap and aren’t a “nice” shape, so they attract the eye.   Now, I don’t *want* the green tank to be all floppy and dangly… but I bet I could design an intentional irregularity on the crate on the back… maybe that dog-puppet I have 🙂

Just had the feeling (before and after that incident) that I wasn’t being noticed…

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