Family RIDE :)

Whew 🙂     This one’s in the bag.   So I figured out a good route… I hoped.

TWENTY ONE PEOPLE!!!!    Happily that included four or five grownups including parents and  our Mayor Pro Tem and an guy on a recumbent tricycle.

I’m scatterbrained so it wasn’t ’til we had turned right on Race that I “realized” that … d’oh, my route went right through the sweetcorn festival.

You know what?   You can tell kids to walk their bikes and they will 🙂   And it was the sweet corn festival after all so seeing it in “not quite started” was kinda fun… and that meant we really only had to ride half a mile on Main Street.

I’d ‘planned’ to ride around Meadowbrook park but the better plan was to say “Ten minutes to do what you like!” which meant cool off, ride around like crazy, or WHATEVER.   Then… back we went!   One person didn’t navigate the wind around sidewalks in Carle Park (my route went by four parks), and somebody’s chain came off.  Otherwise, no bad stuff.   The kiddos up front were calling the ride like sports announcers, including telling people to ride single file, etc.

I was really glad to get it done and extremely glad there were other folks’ looking out for things.   I’m great at thinking on the fly but also at missing the obvious.


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