60 degrees :)

highs in the 80’s even down to 70’s this week 🙂

Drivers, yes, are nuts…  first day of University and Community College.

Nasty looking brown smudge in the sky — prob’ly across (ugh, I don’t have the spatial sense to do this properly) 15 degree swath of the horizon.   Couldn’t see a source of the smoke but I’m thinking something along the interstate.  Maybe just a weird inversion trapping the smog but… it’s the prairie, there’s not much to invert around…

Ah, now I remember what I took a picture of!   Not the not even close to full bike rack (which last year was full at 9:00 a.m.)… which I don’t think is a function of fewer people on bicycles or people being able to afford cars. My confirmation bias says it’s evidence of the school’s desire to focus on recruiting the “higher end” student as opposing to supporting the locals.   Show me evidence to contrary, I’ll shift.

No, it was the pair of Xtracycles on the rack 🙂   We’ll see if I get the chance to upload..

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