Still summer :)

Another quiet ride in — tho’ I had company w/ local guy who’s helped keep a *lot* of people on bikes of all kinds of shapes and sizes… heading out to Parkland.  (Duly note:   yes, the general public senses that it’s not just the state government mucking things up out there; that the leadership is lacking).

And I’d been meaning to put in a request to trim the stuff by the sidewalk — but it was done today and the mowing guy pulled off and stopped to let me by 🙂

The guy who clocked the rider with his mirror did, actually, get a few misdemeanor tickets (if you say “I didn’t know I hit something!”  it’s not a hit and run.  None of this:  it’s your responsibility to pay attention! nonsense. )   Somebody referred to that as being lucky — erm, no.  I’m extremely confident that without the insistence of the cyclists andthe follow-through, it would have been instantly shelved and ignored.   (I think an appropriate sentence would be to have the guy surrender his car for 30 days and take a scooter to work…)


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