Rider mirrored by Prizm Driver

Geo Prism or Prizm?   Can’t remember… at any rate, one of our local riders was out in a 4-person paceline and a driver came around the corner and took off his mirror on the guy’s thigh.   It didn’t take anybody down, but the driver sped away.

Couple of the guys went back the next day — yup, a car of that description with a taped up passenger side mirror went by… they got the temp tag number and it’s all been reported to the constabularies.

No, I don’t hold out hopes that action will be taken, even if hit and run is a felony.   This is Champaign County, people.   (That said… I wouldn’t wish our judicial system on anybody.   The person should man or woman up to what s/he did and take care of it.)

Personally, I need to remember that in a couple weeks it won’t be “most people smilin’ at ye” as they go ’round, or wait their turn, etc that is the summer time.   The Fall Semester will be Commencing.   The air horn needs to be primed…

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