The weather likes me :)

Yes, I did scamper out of work on time, knowing that I’d “pretend locked” my bike so it didn’t matter which pocket … or drawer… the key might be in…
Weather even told me I had time for that little extra loop to see the cool house on Illinois St. and… well, either attempt 25 miles on the day or stop for provisions.
I’ve got noodles and beer, and was getting the key in the door when the skies burst (I have an awning; I was not dampened).
THe weather also nicely stopped raining so I could go out at lunch for full 6 miles — during which time it went from clear to spoombly (word I just made up for when it’s so humid and unstable that the clouds form as you watch in fat, spongy, spoonful-of-mashed-potato-shaped bulging dampness) … so I came in and the weather nerd student and Nia and I peeked at the radar. Two tiny specks of green to the west … were red and orange in twenty minutes.
Hug your puppies and kittens! The red part here is done (but I”m not plugging things in just yet)… the garden is happy…

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