iT’S Summer :)

Okay, I  ‘beat’ last week by an hour and was out riding before 7:00, despite *many* “oops where’s my” trips.   Had to wear the princess sunglasses,  and I still ended up 12 miles from nowhere realizing no, I didn’t have a pump with me.   Fortunately,  I didn’t need one.

So, unlike hte previous two weeks w/ their later starts, I was not feeling toasted by 30 miles.   (Yes, I’m in better shape, too.)  Still, my shoulder is TIGHT and knotted up… from *last Friday.* and… by 39 miles I was ready for a break.

First time in at least 3 years that I  “just rode ‘way the heck out there.   My plan was to go do the four mile grid loop, then go out and do the “almost to Philo, almost to Tolono” 20 miler, to get 30.   However, when I got to 800 and should have turned right… I went straight because, after all, 600 wa sonly two miles further and I knew that connected to lots of roads back… and hardly any traffic and I sensed people didn’t expect to see bicycles.

Hardly any wind 🙂   I held a 16  mph average between 6:55 and 8:00, too 🙂

I decided against going to Sadorus because while I felt awesome and strong, a:   my shoulder was talking to me a little and b:   I had just a medium water bottle with the tea/gatorade combo that is potent, yet finite, to withstand c:   the high temp is predicted 88 so once it got sunny, I’d need more.   (I considered going to Duncan b/c there’s a water pump there.)    Still, it was 39 instead of 30  (so 291 miles on the month :)) …

No need to get on the Transport for its 30-day tune  up or get on the Gazelle for its End of Life Plans like last week, but there’s music at the research park that’ll require some riding… but now, no excuse for not getting stuff done.

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